Tuesday, July 15, 2008

# 6 and # 7: From Ms. Connery, 7th Grade Language Arts

21 Ways to Finding Peace and Happiness, by Joyce Meyer, is an excellent book that offers the reader insight as to how to have peace in the middle of life’s confusion. Meyer shares personal stories that give an in-depth understanding on how to handle people and situations in the middle of stormy situations.

This inspirational book offers those who seek to have peaceful relationships and desires to have the knowledge on how to do so. This book is a quick read and gave me the support that I don’t have to ‘fix’ everyone who comes to me for help. Wow, what a relief! Some people – believe it or not – enjoy being miserable! Mrs. Meyer shares that it is okay NOT to dwell on that type of person. It’s not worth losing my peace!

Reduce Me to Love, by Joyce Meyer, is another excellent source on how to understand the ultimate gift we can give to others. Love. Meyer shares that it is impossible to give something you don’t have, so she proceeds to explain in this book how a person can ‘”unlock the secret to lasting joy”.

I loved this book for two reasons. The first is that I am developing a plotline for a trilogy I’m writing and one of the main character’s major flaws stems on love. The second reason is that this book is based on my life verse, First Corinthians 13, written by the Apostle Paul. The information in this book can be hard to deal with, because it offers the reader to see his or her reflection in the words. Sometimes it is hard to see ourselves in the true Light.

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