Thursday, July 24, 2008

#15 and #16: From Ms. White, Speech, Language, and Hearing

Special Note From the Blog Editor: This post is submitted by Ms. White, but it was written by her new puppy, Rogue.

I have read two books this summer on dog training. The books are: the ASPCA Complete Dog Training Manual by Bruce Fogle, D.V.M. This book has great photo illustrations to make learning easy. The second book is Training Your Dog - The Step by Step Manual by Joachim Volhard and Gail Tamases Fisher.
Both books include a wealth of knowledge regarding the canine species. Lessons are provided in a clear, well organized manner.

The books also address the psychology of the dog so owners can understand how to approach the learning process with their beloved pet. Despite recommending positive rewards and treats for man's best friend, I personally did not find any practical use for the information contained within their pages. I have chosen not to alter my behavior as recommended by the authors.

Rogue White

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