Tuesday, July 29, 2008

#17: From Ms. Drackett, Multi-age Math

While visiting my aunt in June, I noticed that every time I left the room she pulled out her book and began reading. She said the book was so good she couldn’t put it down. So, I purchased a copy of Guilt by John Lescroart and began my summer reading adventure that has included Lescroart’s Dead Irish, The Mercy Rule and The First Law. Now well into Hard Evidence, I have come to feel like the characters are part of my family.

Set in San Francisco, these books involve police detective Abe Glitsky and attorney Dismas Hardy. In each one, I have been kept guessing until the last pages about the guilt or innocence of the accused. The characters are interesting and grow and change over time. The plots are complex and satisfying for those who love this genre. I recommend that anyone interested start with Dead Irish, the first Dismas Hardy book, and go from there, although Guilt was great. Enjoy!

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