Monday, September 22, 2008

#24: Ms. Connery, 7th Grade Language Arts

Please Stop Laughing at Me…, by Jodee Blanco, is a memoir that gives the reader an insightful and frightening view of the effects of bullying. Ms. Blanco’s depiction of the physical, verbal and emotional abuse she endured throughout her school career leaves the reader wondering how and why something so horrific could continue for so long. The author’s perseverance through the bullying at times was admirable yet also self-inflicted.

As I read this memoir, I continued to question how a child could suffer at the hands of other children at school and have no authority witness these acts. My thoughts then led me to question myself – what have I not seen happen to my students in my own classroom. This unknown answer sickens me. Ms. Blanco’s story ends on a very positive note, but to think how she endured the beatings, being spit on and ostracized for so long still makes the rainbow bittersweet.

This is a must read for all educators.

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