Wednesday, August 6, 2008

#21 and #22: From Mrs. Pelosi, Reading

Best selling author, Catherine Coulter, takes you back to her FBI Thriller Series in Double Take. Meet up with FBI Special Agents Sherlock and Savich as the story of Special Agent Ruth Warnecki and Sheriff Dix Noble continues with a twist. Dix, a country sheriff from Virginia, is still looking for a reason his loving wife disappeared three years ago abandoning him and their two sons. Just as things are starting to look normal, a call from California of a sighting of his missing wife, Christie, sends his world spinning. The reader is dragged into the world of mediums and psychics as Dix tries to find out why Charlotte in San Francisco is the spitting image of the missing Christie, and why people are being murdered. The series can be read in islolation, but if you are one of those readers who attaches to the characters, this series is the one for you.

2. The Lavender Field, by Jeanette Baker is a love story for the ages. Brought together by the Austrian government, lawyer Whitney Bendict has to convince Gabriel Mendoza to give up the Lipizzan stallions his father rescued during WWII by smuggling them from Austria to the United States. With his father's death, Gabriel had to give up his dreams of being a English Lit professor and came home to help on the family horse farm. With a disease ravaging the horses back in Austria, the Austrian government is pressuring him to sell them all the pure bred Lipizzans he has in his stable. Throw in some twists with an exwife who abandoned her family, a surly teenager, an out-of-control aging mother, a child with Asberger's Syndrome: a form of mild autism, and a huge field of lavender, and someone is sure to fall in love. It was a quick and easy read which brought me into the field of horse breeding and racing. A story that shows that your "dream" life may not be the end all and be all as Whitney learns what she is missing by isolating herself in the corporate world. I recommend this book for anyone with interests in love and and easy read!


Audrey said...

I'm a french student in Work of Books, and i'm lately working on ENglishspeaking author and books. Could you tell me if a magazine with all the new books to be published does exist?
In France we have
for example.
If you can answer me, it would be very nice.
Otherway i'll continue to read your post.

Best regards.

Audrey said...

I really want to thank you for your answer!
It's very hard in here to find things about foreign literature.
I'm very surprised to read that you think i'm a real writer, even if i write in english! It's delight me!

Because i'm used to write in french,short story and poetry :)

And yes, i'm really interested by your work in America, because i love discovering another culture and way of working.

And this blog is about literature what is totally amazing for me, so you have to continue your good job!

I hope to read from you soon,